Nydia Prishker

With three daughters at CSS, Nydia Prishker says it is important for her to make time to volunteer for PTA activities despite the demands of a career and being a graduate student. 

"As an educator myself I know how hard it is to get some parents to help,” Nydia said. “You tend to see the same people at the meetings and events, but they can’t do it alone.”

While Nydia has participated in several events, she has been most active with the sixth grade orientation, which she had led for three years, and the eighth grade step-up celebration. Her twins, Camila and Montserrat, are now in ninth grade, and her youngest, Natalia, is in seventh, so Nydia is eager for other parents to take the baton on those and allow her to move on to other activities: “It’s all set, so the new people just need to pick up where I will be leaving off.”

Originally from the Mexican city of Reynosa on the U.S. border, Nydia still has family in that area. She is a PhD candidate in curriculum and instruction in early childhood education at the University of North Texas. That will come on top of an MBA and Bachelor’s Degree in business.

Nydia's current focus on education gives her insight on the demands of teaching. “Some parents have the feeling that the teachers get paid to teach, so the parents don’t need to be involved," she said. "But teaching is almost a 24x7 job. They cannot do it alone. That is why it is so important for parents to do their share – whatever that is – with the PTA or the School Leadership Team,” on which Nydia has also volunteered, BTW.

Now's your chance to volunteer at CSS. See the attached Volunteer Opportunities list to get involved. For more information, contact Richard Rubin at ptacommunications@columbiasecondary.org. Know a CSS parent volunteer whose great work should be spotlighted? Send a note to the same email.

Thanks very much to CSS parent and PTA Exec Board member Gregory Morris for interviewing Nydia.